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We have worked to become the largest channel manager globally, giving you the possibility to increase your visibility through our Demand Generation Partner Network. We help you to improve revenues but always offering total independence, as we give you the freedom and flexibility to choose how and when to sell on third party channels.

Global channels

Social networks

Position yourself on social platforms and boost your restaurant through the channels most used by customers.

Facebook for bookings

Activate the "Book" button on your restaurant's profile so that your followers can book easily and without booking commission.

Instagram for orders

Boost your restaurant's visibility. Include buttons on your Instagram business profile easily and with no booking fee.


Place your restaurant on web maps using geolocation.

Google for bookings

A large percentage of restaurant reservations are made through Google. Specifically, it channels 25% of all online reservations. Sign up for Google MyBusiness and improve your restaurant's online presence. Activate the reservations button on Google to receive online reservations.

Google for orders

Activate the option to place orders with the order landing URL in Google.


Websites that offer restaurant listings organized by category. They provide visibility and generate reservations.

Amex for bookings

AMEX has developed an APP called AMEX Resy, through which your users will be able to make reservations at your restaurant without booking fees. Boost your business with the most exclusive portal.


Opentable displays personalized gastronomic suggestions, making it easy for diners to discover and book the restaurants that best suit their tastes. It also has more than 26 million diners from around the world.

Local channels

Local channels to boost bookings to your restaurant. Increase your visibility and generate demand through local channels.

Abc Mallorca

If you have a BeachClub in Mallorca you can boost your business and gain notoriety on the island with Abc Mallorca to increase bookings through this platform. ABC has more than 83,700 daily visits from users looking for gastronomic information.


Discover the TOP restaurants in the main cities of Spain cities in Spain, selected and recommended by experts.


A platform for selling travel, hotels, guides, leisure, tickets and gastronomy, offering the best options and the best discounts.


It is an App powered by Mahou where restaurateurs can manage their reservations, publicize their offer and place their venue on the map.


Portal for the sale of surprise gastronomic experiences in Madrid and Valencia, in a personalized way based on the client's tastes. If your restaurant is in these areas, you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers

Bcn restaurants

This is a complete list of the best restaurants in Barcelona based on number of bookings and user reviews.


Booking app for premium restaurants, equipped with an alert system that allows to communicate no-shows and cancellations of restaurants to hundreds of diners.

Cómete Menorca

Online directory of restaurants and gastronomic experiences in Menorca


App to book with the best deals in hotels and restaurants


Is a mobile application that shows real-time availability of trendy restaurants in Madrid and allows you to make reservations and share them with other diners.


App to discover new restaurants and book last minute table reservations easily. It also allows the restaurant to increase its profitability by offering dynamic discounts during off-peak hours.


Global chart platform digital for restaurants. Diners can access the menu from any place and at any time and receive notifications when you update your letter.


Online platform that connects restaurants with the best gastronomic influencers. It reaches the restaurant's target audience and centralises the control of these collaborations.

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